Striped pullover: THIS is how the It-piece 2022 is combined

striped sweater, wherever the eye looks – because no matter whether online on Instagram or TikTok, offline on the streets or in online shops, this season nobody can avoid the pattern. But why should it, because the classic pieces with French and maritime chic simply look good with everything! We’ll tell you how striped sweater 2022 is being styled and how diverse the models can look with one and the same aesthetic.

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Striped sweaters: That’s where the trend comes from

Striped sweaters have their origins in Brittany, where they are also known as “marinière” or “tricot rayér”. First worn by sailors and fishermen as work clothes, the shirt with the stripes became a fashion classic that is hard to imagine today. Especially with such prominent wearers as Coco Chanel, Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe. But the style icons of today also do their part to ensure that the striped sweater (and all other tops in the pattern) remains the it-piece par excellence.

This is what makes the striped sweater 2022 so special

Where there used to be strict specifications for the number of stripes, color and fabric, this season we can expect a multitude of interpretations. Whether light stripes on a dark background, wide bars, filigree lines or irregular distances, there is really the right piece for everyone. By the way, the striped sweater also looks particularly casual when it has details such as a half-zip or a flared cut. Even as a pullover, its nonchalant casualness cannot be denied, which can be styled both cool and elegant depending on the accessories and combination.

Striped pullover: This is how the it-piece is combined

That’s where we’re at in terms of styling, and it should be said here: There’s nothing you can do wrong. Because especially the cuddly models made of knitwear invite you to feel good and promise maximum coziness. It is best to wear jeans or suit trousers or trendy dad pants. But flowing materials such as silk or satin also look very elegant with knitted models. If you like it more comfortable, you can wear leggings in combination with boots. It’s comfortable, but still chic. Otherwise, sneakers, Ugg boots and elegant shoes such as loafers are suitable for styling. Because depending on what you feel like, the top with the stripes can be transformed into the look you feel at the moment. The best prerequisite for a favorite piece that accompanies us through the cold season.

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