Hailey Bieber just wore the shortest hipsters

Hailey Bieber simply rocks every style: from casual to elegant to grunge. How do we know? From our own experience, because we regularly present you their looks here and are always up to date when it comes to the latest street style looks in which the model is photographed. But this time our source of trust is the Instagram channel of Hailey Bieber, where she appeared in the story in two different styles, wearing the shortest shorts we’ve ever seen, but see for yourself!


Hailey Bieber carries the micro trend in a rather casual new version

But let’s go in order: In her Instagram story, Hailey Bieber first appeared in a glossy make-up look that fits perfectly into the Gen Z aesthetic with brushed eyebrows and glossy lips. Because especially there, the model has become an absolute style icon thanks to its various “glazed” trends. But Hailey is also at the forefront when it comes to outfit inspiration. Her latest fashion coup is the reinterpretation of the micro-mini trend, which she simply transferred to shorts. To be more precise, low-rise pants that radiate absolute 90s vibes and are perfect for summer or the next (techno) party!


That’s how cool Hailey Bieber styles the shortest shorts we’ve ever seen

With her ultra-short leather shorts (which sit low-rise on her hips), Hailey Bieber wears an almost identical-looking trench coat. He and her futuristic sunglasses, which also exude a little 90s look, give the whole look a definite Matrix vibe. We have already been able to admire the coat on Hailey Bieber several times and are certain that we will also discover the leather coat as a statement piece on other fashion professionals this season. It is timeless and really goes with every look. In addition, unique models can also be bought second-hand – the ideal opportunity to shop “cheap” and sustainable trend pieces.

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