Pamela Anderson just wore the dress version of her Baywatch swimsuit

Pamela Anderson showed up at the premiere of her Netflix documentary Pamela, a Love Story in a bright red dress that reminded us of her days as a lifeguard on TV. While the garment at first glance appears to be the color of the Netflix logo, fans will immediately recognize that it’s the signature hue worn by her character, CJ Parker, and her cast mates Baywatch carried. The cult hit series from the 90s has Pamela Anderson helped to fame at that time and is known to almost everyone: everyone!

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Pamela Anderson’s dress totally reminds us of her iconic Baywatch swimsuit

Above all, the cut of the dress reminds us strongly of the top of the Baywatch swimsuit, as the straps have a very similar look. But for her big entrance, she gives the beach look an update with beaded fabric and matching Louboutin heels. The outfit almost reminds us a little of the crystal-encrusted Fashion Week look by singer Doja Cat in Paris, who also opted for the bright color. And while we’re on the hue, it’s worth mentioning that an adjustment was made to the shade of the carpet for Pamela Anderson and her Baywatch swimsuit dress. Instead of the usual red, the organizers opted for a soft pink, which does not clash with the dress, but complements the overall look well.

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So Pamela Anderson is supported by her sons

Pamela Anderson was accompanied to the event by her two sons, Brandon Thomas Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee. Both have been vocal in supporting their mother in telling their personal story in the documentary as well as in their biography. Announcing the book on Instagram, they both left enthusiastic messages: “LOVE YOU!!! ❤️,” Dylan wrote, with Brandon adding, “So proud of you! What a great year this is going to be! You deserve it!! ❤️❤️❤️”

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