Irina Shayk is opting for this classic coat this fall and you can buy it cheaply at H&M

Every season has its styling pieces that you just can’t get past. Know that too Irina Shaik and presents us when leaving the Vivienne Westwood Show during the Paris fashion week 2022 a trendy look with the classic coat par excellence. You can probably already guess: It’s our favorite, the trench coat. Which not only always looks extremely elegant, but is also an infinitely versatile piece of clothing that really works with everything. We’ll tell you which trench coat combination top model wears Irina Shaik and where there is a cheap alternative to shopping later – namely at H&M.

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Irina Shark: That’s how cool she combines the trench coat for her fashion week look

When it comes to style, we can count on Irina Shayk and her accuracy. Because after she already wowed us with a stunning outfit at the Milan Fashion Week, where she relied on one of THE trends for autumn (knee-high boots), the fashion saga continues. This time’s it-piece is none other than the trenchcot, which Irina Shayk uses to style her very summery look autumnally. With a tight denim skirt, she wears a short corset top in red (by Vivienne Westwood) and deconstructed (almost knee-high boots) that pick up on the colors of the rest of the pieces. Last but not least, fast glasses and the super hip logo pearl necklace by Vivienne Westwood ensure that extra portion of coolness. We’re fans of this insanely contrasting combination that makes Irina Shayk the center of attention on the streets of Paris.

That’s why we should all follow the example of Irina Shayk and go for the classic coat

What makes Irina Shayk’s look so brilliant is the interplay of extravagant fashion pieces with an absolute all-rounder. Because although the combination is of course extremely fashionable and does not seem to be suitable for everyday use at first glance, it becomes more wearable with the use of the classic coat. It gives the fashion week outfit a casual look thanks to the long, oversized cut. As a styling partner that always works, the trench coat manages (depending on the cut and details) to give every look a cool and elegant touch – which doesn’t over, but just right. Above all, the often neutral colors bring calm to even the most eye-catching look and, with its timeless style, it never goes out of fashion.

And so that you too are well dressed for your autumn outfits, we present you with a cheap alternative to the classic coat from H&M for subsequent shopping – for eye-catching looks à la Irina Shayk or more minimalist combinations.

Here you can shop for the classic coat for autumn, which Irina Shayk also relies on

Beige trench coat from H&M


Trench coat with detachable belt

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