When the film came out, it created a huge hype around the shearlig-trimmed suede coat in the early 2000s, and the it-piece became a staple of the Y2K wardrobe. Since this style is currently celebrating a huge comeback, it is only natural that the penny lane coat can also be found next to pinstripes and hipsters. Incidentally, this coat has its origins in the traditional clothing of Afghanistan during the 1920s. That’s what we call historic!

Penny Lane Coat: These models exist

Penny Lane Coat is not just Penny Lane Coat. When it comes to colors, there are no limits. If you like it classic, you can opt for brown tones, but bright colors like green, red or blue also look great! And while the original trend focused mostly on models made of suede leather, today we also see models made of (faux) patent leather or fabric. The coat is not only available in different colors, but also shapes. These are the typical variants:

  • Penny Lane vest
  • Penny Lane Jacket
  • Penny Lane Coat

Of course, the whole thing looks the best as a coat trend, even if the other two models are just as cool and perfect for anyone who doesn’t want too much or too little of a statement.

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Here you can shop the Penny Lane Coats with vintage charm

It’s definitely worth a second hand purchase. This is not only the most sustainable way to acquire the vintage shearling coat, but also the most authentic. If you decide to buy new, we advise you to rely on vegan materials such as fake fur – for the sake of the animals and your wallet. These models are at least as beautiful and will take you wonderfully through the cool days of autumn and winter 2022!

Styling tip: How to combine your Penny Lane Coat

Basically, all doors are open to you when it comes to styling. However, we advise you to keep an eye on the length of your coat in particular. That means: If you combine a skirt or a dress with the hippie coat, for example, it is better if the piece ends either a good bit above the knee or a good bit below the knee and harmonises with the length of your Penny Lane coat. Otherwise, this can have an unfavorable effect on the proportions.

It is also advisable not to overload the outfit. Rely on a good mix of classic pieces, basics and a few eye-catching pieces. It’s all in the mix! Would you like a bit of inspo? We spotted the coolest looks and combos on Instagram. Here’s how the fashion pros wear their Penny Lane Coat:

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