Jennifer Aniston wore the smallest bikini we’ve ever seen

“Friends” actress Jennifer Aniston shows quite a lot of skin for the December 2022 cover of “Allure” magazine and goes for the smallest bikini we’ve ever seen. Here we tell you why the iconic style looks familiar to us and which other famous stars have already worn it.

Jennifer Aniston wears Chanel micro bikini

Jennifer Aniston pulls blank – in the literal sense. Because for the “Allure” magazine she opens up for the first time about her unfulfilled desire to have children and shows herself on the cover in a Chanel bikini that reveals more than it hides. The circular bikini top with double C logo barely covers the actress’s bust, who is otherwise dressed in a black Saint Laurent skirt and a 1997 G-string Gucci. Very appropriate, because the micro bikini top by Chanel is also vintage and dates from 1996.

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So we already know Jennifer Aniston’s Chanel bikini top

But the iconic bikini top with the Chanel logo is not only familiar to sworn vintage lovers, but also to Instagram fashion fans. Because there Kim Kardashian already presented herself (in October 2018) in a very revealing selfie in which she wore the “smallest bikini in the world” with the caption: “Chanel Vintage, to be precise”. But you don’t have to be a megastar to wear the Karl Lagerfeld-designed bikini, which was debuted on the runway by model Stella Tenant. Because you can rent the famous cult piece and recreate both the cover and the Insta-Post.

And speaking of Instagram. The 53-year-old actress also gives us a piece of wisdom in her interview: “I’m really glad that we got to experience growing up, teenage years and 20’s without that social media aspect. While the internet has great intentions of connecting people, in the end it always boils down to young girls comparing and despairing. Personally, I’m most comfortable in my own skin today, better than I ever was in my 20’s, 30’s or even mid 40’s.”

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