Gigi Hadid wears a goth-inspired septum piercing

From casual to glamorous, Gigi Hadid proves to us again and again with her looks that she really can wear everything. And yet it never gets boring to look at their creations down to the smallest detail and to analyze upcoming trends. This time the focus is on the accessories and the revival of a piercing that we have repeatedly seen in the designers’ collections over the past few years. We are talking about the septum, the ring through the nasal septum, and Gigi Hadid proves how ingenious the piece of jewelery can look.

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Sporting a flashy septum, Gigi Hadid is putting this subculture back on the radar

For the CFDA Fashion Awards ceremony, which took place on November 7th in New York, Gigi Hadid opted for a look by Thom Browne that couldn’t scream more grunge and punk aesthetics. Above all, her checkered waistcoat with the frayed sleeves fits perfectly into the style of the subculture that was popular in the 70s and 80s. But that’s not what makes us suspicious, it’s the accessories she chooses. Because in the middle of her face a not so inconspicuous detail catches the eye: a septum piercing with sharp spikes and coils that are almost reminiscent of barbed wire. But don’t worry: Gigi Hadid didn’t suddenly get a nose ring. Similar to her Instagram post from 2014, the model uses fake jewelry that looks deceptively real and raises the question of whether the ring through the nasal septum has what it takes to become a new trend accessory.

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Is Gigi Hadid heralding the comeback of the nose ring with her styling?

If you ask designers like Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, Ricardo Tisci (Givenchy) or punk and grunge icon Vivienne Westwood, all signs point to pro septum. Because the small accessory has already been used by all of them as an element in their collections. Formerly regarded as a rebellious youthful sin, nose piercing actually has its origins as ritual jewelry in different cultures. But like many other things in fashion, it has changed over the years and is mostly used as a decorative element. This is also the case with Gigi Hadid, who with her goth-inspired septum brings an edgy touch to the tailoring look that might otherwise be perceived as stuffy. As far as the trend forecast is concerned, we are certain that in the course of Y2K fashion, the associated accessories will probably also move more and more from the niche into the mainstream. And the good thing about the piece of jewelery is that you don’t have to go all out straight away, but like Gigi Hadid you can occasionally use it.

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