Jennifer Lopez wears the most sparkling naked dress ever

“Shotgun Wedding” is called Jennifer Lopez’ latest film to be seen in cinemas since January 19, 2023. And as we look at the outfit the singer-actress wore to the Los Angeles premiere, (in keeping with the wedding theme) we just want to “Yes I do” say. Because we are almost sure, we haven’t seen such a stunning naked dress for a long time. We reveal all the details about her look, which catches the eye with one surprising detail.

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Jennifer Lopez presents a sparkling naked dress

More transparent is hardly possible – and yet everything is covered. How it works? We can hardly explain ourselves, but Jennifer Lopez manages to push all the limits of the impossible with her latest red carpet coup. And we are (almost) sure: This Valentino dress is the superlative of the (much seen) transparent looks. The dream of nude-colored tulle is occupied by a multitude of sparkling stones. It’s almost as if these are pearls of water that sparkle in the light, and Jennifer Lopez has been wetted by them. Pretty glamorous, this naked dress, which is completed by a train that is also studded with stones.

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This unusual detail distinguishes Jennifer Lopez’s dress

But amid all the transparency, there’s one unusual detail that catches our eye. Beneath layers of tulle, Jennifer Lopez wears an oversized bright yellow bow wrapped around her waist, with ties reaching almost to her ankle. She also combines it with a clutch in the same color, which is an eye-catcher given the otherwise rather reserved tones of the naked dress. At first glance, this unmissable accessory may seem a bit annoying, but after looking at it a few times, you get used to it just as quickly. And if we’re being honest, the bow is exactly what makes Jennifer Lopez’s dress such a special creation.

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