Kate Middleton: Her styling trick gives her every dress a new look

Whenever we think we’d all style secrets by Kate Middleton familiar, a new look is coming that convinces us otherwise. As always, it’s all about how you can make the most of your own wardrobe and give timeless basics an upgrade. And of course in the form of an ingenious zero-euro styling trick, where only a single detail matters. And here we will of course tell you everything about it, because when it comes to Kate Middletons Of course we want to share fashion advice and not gatekeep!

Kate Middleton knows: With this easy styling trick, she gives every dress a new look

Kate Middleton knows how to make the most of an understated wardrobe built around classics and similar pieces. So good news for everyone who relies on minimalism when shopping and the principle of a capsule wardrobe. But all dress fans should also listen carefully now, because this is exactly what Kate Middleton’s styling trick is all about. To give one and the same dress a completely new look, the Princess of Wales relies on a very simple accessory: the belt. Awesome right? Because it gives every dress a completely different expressiveness and also ensures, for example, that the cuts fall completely differently due to gathering or waisting.

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That’s why we love Kate Middleton’s simple styling trick

Kate Middleton’s styling trick is yet another excellent sign that fashion isn’t about what you have, but how you combine it. Because style awareness doesn’t always have to do with whether you have THE latest must-have or not. Rather, it’s about using the things you own in a targeted manner and getting the best out of them. Accessories, for example, are great for this. Without a lot of extra effort, they ensure that a look is chic or casual and suddenly gets a completely different look. That’s why we take this trick from Kate Middleton’s repertoire to heart, because it also encourages us to keep our beloved pieces for as long as possible – in the interests of sustainability.

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