Katie Holmes wears a trending cardigan for winter 2022

Cardigans are a piece where tempers quarrel. Some find it super stuffy, and others are absolute (fashion) fans! So too Katie Holmeswho have often been in a cardigan was sighted. Also this year the actress could already be admired in a rather casual model, which proves that it is absolutely trendy. In what style Katie Holmes for the winter of 2022, you can read below.

Katie Holmes knows it well: knitted cardigans in this style are absolutely trending in 2022

As soon as we read the word rope, we are on fire. Because the soft material is simply ideal for winter and looks fantastic in any shape. It is well known that Katie Holmes also has a soft spot for the material, because it is not for nothing that she likes to wear knitted pieces from the Khait√© brand. But today it’s not about that, it’s about a cardigan that she wore on a walk in New York. The dark brown, slightly mottled cardigan with a V-neckline and buttons looks ultra casual. We are a bit in love and can already see the next trend for winter coming our way: oversized knitted cardigans.

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That’s how simple Katie Holmes styles her trendy cardigan for everyday wear

Katie Holmes opts for an oversized silhouette for her look, which reminds us a bit of models from the men’s department. Above all, the straight cut and the minimalist design create a casual vibe. The rest of the outfit is also rather reserved. Katie Holmes relies on basics that can be easily combined with each other and are primarily aimed at uncomplicated comfort. Under the oversized cardigan she wears another knitted piece and loose-fitting jeans – the perfect look for everyday life! And we’re sure: If we rely on Katie Holmes’ sense of trend, we can’t go wrong with the oversized cardigan this winter and create cool looks.

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