Jeans tops styling: Which tops go with trend jeans 2022?

Jeans are always a good choice in everyday life. They fit well in the office, but are also perfectly wearable for the evening dinner date. No wonder surveys show that every woman has at least ten pairs Jeans owns. Especially in this fashion season includes many different Jeans Shapes to absolute trends: Classic straight-leg jeans and the extra-cool wide-leg models join the skinny jeans that are still popular. A big difference in styling do them here tops. At best, they emphasize the denim cuts, but they can also have a negative effect on the look. In the following, we will tell you the best combos for the three trend jeans and also show you which stylings are more of a no-go.

1. Jeans Tops Styling: Skinny Jeans

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Do: Oversized sweaters, airy shirt blouses, boyfriend T-shirts

Skinny or slim-fit jeans are narrow-cut trousers that focus on the legs and bottom. In order to give the much-discussed pants a modern styling, they are best combined with oversized tops that loosely play around the upper body. The magic formula of “wide” and “narrow” causes the figure to be optically balanced. The best choice for tight denims are loosely cut pullovers that may reach over the buttocks, as well as airy blouses and T-shirts that you can tuck into the waistband at the front. This is how a casual office look or an all-rounder outfit for leisure time succeeds.

Don’t: tight-fitting t-shirts

On the other hand, tight tops worn with narrow pants look a little outdated. So you can proudly emphasize your figure, but the style is reminiscent of the 90s, which we better not restyle despite many revivals from the epoch. In 2022 it is better to rely on a mix of loose and tight.

2. Jeans Tops Styling: Straight Leg Jeans

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Do: sweaters, blouses and shirts with French tuck

The perfect companions for the office, events or after-work drinks are straight-cut jeans. They are one of the must-haves in the wardrobe because they always fit and despite the casual material they are the basis for a timeless and trendy outfit. Major Styling Advantage: Straight leg jeans go with any top if you use a trick – the French tuck. The top is tucked into the waistband at the front.

This styling accentuates the waist and creates a balanced silhouette between the top and bottom. The look is even more classic and therefore perfect for the office if you tuck a full tuck blouse into your trousers. Heeled boots elongate the legs and add an extra dose of confidence, so this simple yet expressive look is perfect for days full of meetings.

Don’t: Hip-length tops

Since the currently modern straight leg jeans tend to be cut high waist and have a straight leg shape, they absolutely need a visual focal point in the middle of the body. A no-go are therefore hip-length tops that merge seamlessly with jeans.

3. Jeans Tops Styling: Wide Leg Jeans

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Do: Loose blouses, crop tops, cropped pullovers, narrow long sleeves

Wide leg jeans are the ultimate mega trend. You can see that from the fact that not only fashion professionals on Instagram and TikTok wear the stylish pants cut up and down, but the look has now also conquered the streets. Which leaves many with the question: how do you wear these extra wide and long denim pants?

We have the answer: Loose blouses in full tucks, crop tops and shortened sweaters and jackets look particularly cool with wide-leg jeans. They perfectly balance the loose cut. Tops that reach to the waist also ensure that the legs appear ultra-long in the wide trouser legs.

Our favorite look in autumn and winter: combine a narrow turtleneck sweater or tight-fitting long-sleeved tops with wide trousers. The contrast of casual and elegant ensures a successful look in everyday life, in which the silhouettes are also optically balanced.

Don’t: oversize tops, hoodies

The oversize look in the form of wide tops and casual hoodies is currently seen again and again – but it is not necessarily a combination that gets the best out of wide leg jeans. Here there is a risk that you will quickly get lost under the wide cuts and the look will look more like comfortable loungewear.

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