Like Payback, only for keeping online returns: SO Keepoala wants to set an example for conscious consumption

Online shopping is practical and the easiest way to consume, where you as a consumer can save time and nerves. But the resulting packaging waste and the associated long transport routes are not necessarily sustainable. In addition, online retailers are gradually beginning to charge a fee for returning items of clothing that did not fit. An attempt to reduce the return rate and get customers to keep the pieces they bought. The German start-up Keepoala, which wants to motivate consumers to act more sustainably and less with a reward system, proves that there is another way Online Returns close. How exactly this works, we explain to you as follows.

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This is how Keepoala wants to solve the problem with online returns

Behind the app, which was founded in Munich in 2021, are Sebastian Engel-Wolf, Eik Lämmerhirt and Tjark Metzner, who want to use their application to ensure more mindfulness when shopping online. Ordering and trying on different sizes is part of day-to-day business, especially in the fashion industry, and in Germany alone more than 315 million parcels were returned in 2022. So the trio is committed to creating a solution for anyone who wants to do something about it. Because online returns not only result in costs and effort for each individual, but also a lot of packaging and textile waste as well as high CO₂ emissions. So instead of punishing customers with high return costs, Keepoala is trying a different approach and would like to create positive incentives with the help of a loyalty program based on the Payback principle – there is no cash, but free travel on the train or other vouchers.

Reduce online returns: 5 reasons that speak for the app and its sustainable shopping concept

  1. Smart and always there: As an app, you always have Keepoala with you and can access the application anytime and anywhere.
  2. Flexible: As a shop-independent program, points can easily be collected from each participating partner.
  3. Reward instead of punishment: Instead of just pointing fingers, the founders of the Munich start-up have thought about how to create positive incentives to achieve a larger goal.
  4. Shop more sustainably online: One of the most important reasons is of course the environment, because by avoiding returns there is no additional packaging waste and the resulting CO₂ emissions are prevented. A nice aspect to pay attention to more sustainability when shopping online.
  5. Feedback culture: But it doesn’t stop there, even if things are returned, you can help improve the shopping experience by listing specific reasons that led to why you didn’t keep it. This allows online retailers to learn and improve their range and service – so win-win!

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