Shorts for the office: Pants with this detail are an absolute (late) summer must-have and perfect for the office and every occasion

Everyone is crazy about this summer shorts – made of airy linen or casual denim. Now there is another trend piece: the so-called tailored shorts, which, like the Dad Pants, rely on chic aesthetics, which still look incredibly cool and are therefore ideally suited for both office looks and everyday life. We tell you everything about the trendy and short ones Dress pants shorts and show you the best way to style them.

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Tailored shorts? Here’s what you should know about the trend

Casual chic is always a good idea, because that’s how you manage to always be well dressed for every occasion (we leave out any sporting activities here). So after we’ve combined blazers with jogging pants or jeans and dad pants with almost everything, the focus now shifts to another piece that lives up to exactly this claim. With the suit pants shorts we combine the best of two worlds: leisure and business. The short or often knee-length pants are based on their cut and materials on suits and costumes, which makes them look incredibly elegant. This is ensured by details such as darts, pleats, attached decorative buttons or pockets, which give every outfit a “put-together vibe”.

How to style shorts for the 2022 office

So you have maximum freedom when it comes to styling, because the trousers alone ensure that we are always “well dressed” thanks to their business character. The tailored shorts can be combined with basics for the “clean girl look” that is currently very hyped on TikTok and Instagram. Classics for this are the tank top, a white shirt, loafers (with and without socks) and then of course a blazer – which can also be replaced with a suit vest or tank top.

But there is also a colorful selection of suit trousers for color lovers, which provide beautiful accents and are a good alternative to black, beige or white, especially in summer. If you like it more casual in everyday life, you can also wear flip-flops or sneakers as well as an oversized shirt made of light materials such as cotton or linen. And for everyone who likes to be extravagant, there is also good news: Tailored shorts also look simply stunning with statement pieces and high heels.

Shorts for the office and Co.: These are the most beautiful looks from fashion professionals with trend pants

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