The Apple AirPods Max are (according to TikTok) THE fashion accessory par excellence – here’s the inspo

headphones as fashion accessory? Sounds completely absurd at first. But precisely this reaction is a common feature when we recall past fashion trends that were initially viewed with skepticism but then became favourites. Currently they are Apple AirPods Max such a favorite that the fashion bubble (especially on the TikTok platform) can’t resist. No matter where you look, the bulky and absolutely stylish over-ear headphones are worn everywhere. And not just for listening to music. We tell you everything about the It accessory of the hour and how you can style cool looks with it.

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Headphones as a fashion trend? We clarify!

But honestly, where did this trend come from, and why is everyone wearing more and more big, chunky headphones now? For one, many of the models look pretty cool. Because technology is no longer just a useful tool, but manufacturers are increasingly focusing on aesthetics and design – which blurs the boundaries between the disciplines of fashion (accessories) and technology. So now that AirPods have been superseded by wired headphones, we’re thinking bigger and making tech a fashion statement.

Add to that the Y2K trend and the younger generation’s nostalgic obsession with things from the past. In addition, over-ear headphones are also a classic analogy to the Walkman, which for music connoisseurs is the epitome of mobile music listening. Conversely, after the whole home office, headphones with the noise-cancelling function also fulfill another purpose: They help us to work better in open-plan offices or to shut out the noisy outside world on the way to the office.

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Apple AirPods Max: That’s why the fashionistas are so obsessed with the fashion accessory

On the one hand it is due to the extremely attractive design. Because Apple products have been known for generations for their clean aesthetics, which are often seen tools, especially on photo-affine websites and apps, to stage your own creative lifestyle. Similar to designer:innen bags or trendy sneakers, technology has also become a status symbol, and there too the rule is – the more exclusive, the better.

And since even Apple founder Steve Jobs has become a fashion icon of normcore style (which is characterized by wearing sneakers with black turtlenecks and jeans), his products certainly are. But the cool thing is that in addition to the function, you get an attractive design, with the Apple AirPods Max even in bright colors. It goes without saying that the fashion professionals cannot escape this hype.

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