Bella Hadid just wore an outfit made of countless Swarovski crystals

We’ve been wondering if there will be a garment after the naked dress that implies even less clothing. It will probably only stay with the one time, but Bella Hadid proves to us: it’s possible and it looks incredibly good at the same time. We’ll tell you all the details about her extravagant Svarowski crystal outfit.

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Bella Hadid presents a look made of countless Swarovski crystals

Bella Hadid is “on fire”: After a month of incredible looks (from her spray-on dress at fashion week to her all-lace birthday dress), the 26-year-old model took to Instagram to share what might be her most stunning combo yet: a dazzling one crystal corset. Yes, you heard right. To be more precise, it is a piece of countless small, clear stones that compete to sparkle. And if anyone can wear such a statement piece, it’s probably Bella Hadid.

That’s what Bella Hadid’s Swarovski corset is all about

For everyone who is now wondering when exactly one puts on such a corset, here comes the answer: on the red carpet or a campaign shoot. The latter applies to Bella Hadid. She’s the face (and crystal-adorned body) of the new Swarovski campaign, and she shared the images, shot by cult photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, online. We’re not the only fans of Balla Hadid’s radiant self-expression. Kourtney Kardashian, Poppy Delevingne, Venus Williams and Bella’s mother Yolanda Hadid also showed their enthusiasm in the comments. And who knows: maybe the crystal corset (without anything underneath) will become the new “big thing” among fashion professionals, overtaking the naked dress.

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