Recycled sneakers: This lasting message is behind the unusual sex toy shoe

There are things in fashion that are hard to believe, but they really happen. A suitable example of this is this one sneakers from recycled sex toys, which is sustainable and incredibly stylish. Here we tell you how the design came together and why we find the trendy shoe so fascinating.

Sneakers made from recycled sex toys: That’s what the innovation is all about

We notice that fashion and lifestyle are becoming more and more one in the most diverse areas. Quite apart from the fact that everything is portable these days. Really everything? At least that’s what it seems when we look at the innovative sneaker design by clothing brand Rose in Good Faith and American sex toy company Doc Johnson. Because they thought: Why not make a cool product from existing and unused raw materials. Specifically, these are recycled sex toys that are cut up and transformed into rubber soles using an innovative process, from which the trendy sneaker called “Plastic Soul” is then made.

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Recycled sneakers: The design of the “Plastic Soul” shoe is so cool and sustainable

The sneaker made of sex toys not only has a sustainable soul, but is a successful combination of luxury fashion and streetwear. The sculptural design is a bit reminiscent of pillow slides with a Yeezy aesthetic, which the material also lends a bit of beach vibes to – although they are, of course, much more futuristic and avant-garde than comparable beach shoes. Because the rose in Good Faith x Doc Johnson collaboration relies entirely on minimalist design with a sophisticated vision. But it doesn’t stop there, because the sneakers made of recycled sex toys not only impress with their appearance, but also with their extreme comfort.

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Thanks to the cork sole and a cotton lining, as well as the specially integrated support system for the feet, the “Plastic Soul” sneaker is also incredibly comfortable – which makes it the perfect everyday hero. In addition, the sneakers are also waterproof. And what more could you ask for than a trendy shoe that also makes a contribution to the environment and ensures that unused material does not end up in landfills? We love the message behind it and also that it is carried out into the world beyond an incredibly fashionable design!

Here you can shop the sneaker made from recycled sex toys:

Sneaker made of sex toys by roseingoodfaith


“Plastic Soul” sneaker made from recycled sex toys

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