Statement shoulders: This fashion trend from Copenhagen Fashion Week can be worn every season!
As soon as the haute couture shows in Paris are over, our fashion focus turns to the north. Here at the Copenhagen Fashion Week, which as always stands as an example of sustainability, the Scandinavians and international guests are once again presenting cool trends. This time the focus is on a body part that was the focus of both the 80s and the Zoom calls during the pandemic: the Shoulders. Why are we already fans of the Statement shoulder styles (which can really be worn all year round) and how differently the trend is combined at Copenhagen Fashion Week, you can read below.

Statement shoulders are THE street style trend of Copenhagen Fashion Week

Standing out without being out of the ordinary goes perfectly with statement shoulders. Because they give every look more expressiveness and can be combined in a classic, eclectic or glamorous way. Well-known from the 1980s fashion, with its iconic “power dressing”, the broad shoulders, especially with blazers and coats, have remained in our wardrobe. Also last season, many looks inspired by the oversized tailoring of menswear were seen on the catwalks of Copenhagen Fashion Week. Outerwear of all kinds will therefore receive an update in 2020, with wide shoulder areas, voluminous sleeves or sophisticated cuts that create a visual statement effect. The upper body is therefore back in focus and is anything but reserved with trends such as backless or statement shoulders. So it’s no wonder that we and the fashion professionals are already in love with the street style trend.

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This is how statement shoulders will be styled in 2022

For those who are still skeptical about the trend, we have the ultimate styling formula ready here. Because with the broad shoulders, the rest of the outfit is about contrasts that ensure that the focus remains on the upper body. Flowing cuts such as dresses, blouses or skirts from mini to maxi are particularly suitable for this – with narrow or straight silhouettes. But trousers with wide legs or a classic like skinny jeans also go well with the fashion trend. Just keep in mind that you don’t think too wide at the bottom so that you don’t disappear between or in the statement shoulders. It is best to approach the trend with basics such as a turtleneck sweater, jeans or a T-shirt. And for style inspiration you can of course always have a look here on Instagram or at the fashion week looks of the fashion professionals, who once again show how brilliantly the detail can look dressed up. Plus, the broad shoulders can be worn in any season and provide a subtle wow moment, especially with reserved looks.

These are the prettiest looks with statement shoulders from Copenhagen Fashion Week

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