Wears a jeans outfit with: light-colored wide-leg jeans + tank top + blazer + platform shoes

Actually, I was never such a fan of jeans until I discovered wide-leg pants or Marlene trousers for myself. Now the trouser leg can’t be too wide or long for me. Especially in combination with a platform sneaker, boot or a slightly higher shoe, the look is absolutely brilliant. For spring I rely on layering because I’m always cold and I just love creating a coherent look with different silhouettes. As it will hopefully stay dry for now, the time is ideal to take out my favorite light-colored trousers. The color ecru, which corresponds to a dirty white, is an absolute spring/summer piece for me. I wear it with a black turtleneck sweater (which can be left out if you wish) and an oversized sweater vest in red. Because happy colors are simply part of spring and summer. But I’m also a fan of loud tones that put me in a good mood all year round. The jeans outfit is rounded off with a light blue blazer with a vintage cut, which makes the look suitable for the office. Depending on your mood, it can be left out for a more casual fit or make it look more “dressed up”. What should not be missing, of course, are statement earrings, because they simply round off every outfit.

Red tank top


Red merino wool sweater vest

Black turtleneck


Basic turtleneck made from organic cotton

picture of model


Flared jeans with patch pockets

Beige jeans

Wide-leg jeans with a high waist

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Madeline Dangmann, Fashion Editor: The perfect boyfriend jeans

Madeline Dangman

Wearing a denim outfit with: boyfriend jeans + baggy shirt + bralette + belt

Just like with dear Fatima, my jeans shouldn’t be too tight: That’s why I’m celebrating the revival of wide-leg and baggy jeans all the more. How do I follow the looser trouser trend without having to buy a new model? I just put on my boy’s denim pants (of course, this also works with jeans from my roommate/brother/father/lover…). In my case, they don’t sit too tight – a belt is therefore mandatory and an integral part of the outfit. Another advantage of this styling hack: The width not only on the leg but also on the waistband means that the pants can easily be slipped a little further towards the hips. And yes, as a millennial I can hardly believe I’m talking about “hipsters” here, but unless they’re ultra-low and skin-tight jeans, I don’t think this Y2K revival is as bad as first thought (but minus the toxic body image of the Nineties, but more on that here). For me, when it comes to styling the wide pants, no matter what the season, it’s all about playing with the proportions. In other words, if the bottom is already wide, at least one figure-hugging piece should give the look a little more silhouette. Or use targeted skin flashes, especially if you combine a wide shirt with wide jeans, like I did above.

Top from Calvin Klein


Calvin Klein thong bralette

Saint Laurent Monogram leather belt

You can find even more fashion inspo from Madeline Dangmann on Instagram: @iammadelined

Leona Ullmann, Affiliate Editor: Cropped Straight Leg Jeans

Leona Ullman

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