“Ugg Guard”: The viral trend accessory keeps sneakers and boots safe through the winter

Gorpcore, glamping looks and outdoor fashion: the fashion bubble is far from giving up its obsession with functional outfits. The latest must-have item of desire is less a complete piece and more a useful gadget that also has stylistic functions. We explain to you why, according to TikTok and especially the sneakerheads, the “Uggguard” THE trend accessory is what will get your sneakers and boots through autumn and winter.

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“Ugg Guard”: According to TikTok, this viral trend accessory is an absolute must-have

Functionality and fashion now go hand in hand. Where there used to be concerns that practical items of clothing were not at all attractive, fashion has proven year after year that so-called “ugly pieces” have great potential for coveted fashion trends. It’s the same with the viral trend accessory of the moment, the ugg guard, which falls perfectly into the “didn’t know you needed it but now you have to have it” category. Or to put it in a slogan that is widespread on TikTok: “Don’t walk Run”, because this accessory is an absolute game changer for sneakers, boots and any other shoe that can be combined with it. And it will definitely be sold out very quickly.

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What exactly is the “Ugg Guard” and how is the hyped accessory combined?

The rubber protection developed in 2021, which was actually intended to be worn over the fluffy cult boots from the Ugg brand, will be used again in autumn/winter 2022. Because it is perfect as a multifunctional add-on, which not only protects boots but also sneakers from getting dirty or wet. The rubber overshoe (or galosh) with the very descriptive name “Ugg Guard” can be put on like a sock and protects the actual shoe from all weather conditions. This is of course extremely practical, especially in autumn and winter or on rainy days, because it prevents water stains from forming on the toes or other parts of the shoe. In addition, cool color accents can be created with the colors of milky white, grey, yellow, pink and chestnut.

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