Victoria’s Secret is planning a fashion show comeback: Here you will find all the details, including a retrospective on the formerly hyped brand

From mega highlight to super drama with diversity and body shaming scandal – the last few years of Victoria’s Secret were a turbulent up and down that kept us all busy in the media. After a long silence around the brand and its realignment comes Victoria’s Secret back on our radar with a hitting message: There’s supposed to be a fashion show. The Internet is divided, and there is only one question that worries everyone: what will it look like and has a “new”, diverse Victoria’s Secret Is there still room when there are body-inclusive and diverse brands such as Rihanna’s Savage Fenty or Lizzo’s shapewear brand Yitty? We’ll tell you all the current details – including a detailed timeline about the past scandals and the restructuring of the underwear brand.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is coming back, and we already know that about the comeback

Since 2019, the label known for its “Angels” – which included Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen and Adriana Lima – has not held a fashion show. Because what was once (since 1995 to be precise) a mega-spectacle has lost its relevance today due to the misogyny and body-shaming culture embodied by the brand. In 2022, the streaming platform Hulu released a series (“Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons”) about the rise and fall of the formerly legendary brand, including a behind-the-scenes look at the company’s culture. Now the brand is back on the scene, planning a relaunch that aims to give women a voice and highlight their unique perspectives. So far, so good, but how trustworthy is such a promise when history shows a completely different spectrum?

It is not yet known when exactly the big and timely comeback is imminent. However, we and the entire internet are curious to see to what extent the vision of Victoria’s Secret 2.0 will be in line with the values ​​of today’s society and whether it can build on previous successes (with a more inclusive image). Because the culture of remembrance associated with the brand is difficult to banish from the memory of consumers, who, as with many things nowadays, vent their displeasure via postings on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. So it remains to be seen what kind of strategy the lingerie brand will surprise us with and whether or not this concept will hold up in the eyes of the super-aware social media generation.

Victoria’s Secret: All about the brand’s scandals and rebranding

2020: Victoria’s Secret sold – that’s the deal

The lingerie label isn’t calming down – but maybe the news that Victoria’s Secret has been sold can also herald a positive trend? Because one thing is clear: there has been hardly any good news in the past few months. Discriminatory statements about trans models, falling sales figures, and then the famous fashion show was canceled in 2019. At the same time, Victoria’s Secret announced in September that they wanted to change completely. Selling could be a first step.

As reported by CNN, Victoria’s Secret has been sold to New York-based Sycamore Partners. But the previous parent company L Brands will also remain on board. The group will continue to hold 45 percent of the company shares, 55 percent will go to the new buyer Sycamore. Victoria’s Secret is to become an independent, private company. The deal is said to be worth $525 million, the equivalent of around €486 million. Overall, the lingerie label was valued at $1.1 billion.

That should change with the sale of the brand

L Brands boss Leslie Wexner, 82, will step down as CEO but remain on the board, according to the media report. Apparently, he expects a lot from the new co-owner, especially economically. Sycamore has extensive retail experience and he believes he will bring a “fresh perspective and broadened focus” to the company, CNN quoted him as saying in a press statement. He also believes in a return to previous levels of profitability for both L Brands and its subsidiary, Victoria’s Secret.

A positive signal for many critics of the label could be that Wexner is retiring from his chief post. He had recently been heavily criticized for his relationship with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

To what extent Victoria’s Secret’s overall image can be polished after the label has been sold remains to be seen. The outdated, stereotypical image of women with which the underwear was advertised was repeatedly criticized. In the summer of 2019, several models had also asked in a petition that the label should better protect them from sexual assault. Most recently, Victoria’s Secret had worked with various models for a campaign, but this implementation was also criticized. What can currently only be said is that things can only get better.

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