Hailey Bieber shows how mini skirts can also be styled on colder days

Showing your legs has been part of fashion since the 1960s. So it’s hardly surprising that we don’t want to be without the short skirt style in our wardrobe at any time of the year. That’s probably how it works Hailey Bieber, who chooses a mini skirt despite the freezing temperatures on the streets of New York. You can read here exactly how she styles it and what the trick is to stay warm despite “bare” legs.

This is how Hailey Bieber styles her mini skirt on cold days

As soon as it’s cold, layering is the most important freestyle for all fashion professionals. Above all, there is a warm coat that keeps us warm, no matter which fashion piece we choose. Hailey Bieber knows that too, and that’s why she relies on the no-brainer coat of the moment: an XXL wool coat in black that really goes with everything and reaches down to the ankles. Underneath she wears a layered look with a white basic and knit sweater that falls loosely over her pleated mini skirt. Due to its shortness, it could almost pass as a micro-mini. The look is rounded off with black loafers in which she wears socks – a combination that, according to the fashion professionals, is no longer stuffy but extremely popular since 2022.

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Miniskirt styling like Hailey Bieber: These tricks are sure to keep you warm

The secret to Hailey Bieber’s look, apart from her coat, is that she makes sure that the most important (frost) spots are covered: the back or kidneys and the feet. Because as long as these two areas stay nice and warm, you don’t have to worry. To guarantee this, it is best to wear thick sweaters, high-waisted underpants, short shorts under your skirt and thermal shirts that you tuck into your tights.

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