Zendaya wowed us with a whole range of eye-catching looks over the weekend – see for yourself

Weekend plans usually mean relaxation – in terms of fashion and appointments. But the fashion world never sleeps, and thanks to the packed “Fashion Month” diary, stars throw themselves like zendaya instead of comfortable loungewear in breathtaking outfits. At actress zendaya it wasn’t just one look this weekend, but several at the same time, which means that she deserves the title “Best Dressed Queen” in our eyes. And here you can see all her eye-catching looks.

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Zendaya is the best dressed queen of the weekend

One weekend, two awards, and plenty of head-turning looks from Zendaya. It was a real event marathon on both days: from the Image Awards on February 25 in Pasadena (California) to the Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG Awards) in Los Angeles on February 26. The all-rounder managed to surprise and amaze us time and time again.

Here are all the details on Zendaya’s head-turning looks

1. Zendaya’s Head-turner Look 1: Vintage Prada

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