Dua Lipa wore tights for the complete look and looks gorgeous in them

Worry online and offline Dua Lipa’s looks for enthusiasm. Because whether it’s in her music videos, on Insta or when she’s spotted with a street style, the singer always looks great and can really wear anything. Currently concerned Dua Lipa caused a stir at the SGC Fall/Winter 2023 fashion show at Milan Fashion Week because her look is reminiscent of tights, but see for yourself!

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Dua Lipa just wore a sheer complete look that reminds us of this piece of clothing

Jumpsuit, dress or tights with sleeves? Dua Lipa presents us with a fashion conundrum with her Fashion Week look. Because depending on the perspective from which you look at her outfit, a new detail appears, which throws all conclusions overboard. But something cannot be denied: Her one-piece suit is totally reminiscent of full-body pantyhose (maximum 15 denier) made of black lace. That would be a pretty cunning twist that could probably turn all previous fashion rules upside down. Since in 2023 suddenly nothing will be worn as we knew it, but will have a completely new function and look.

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Dua Lipa’s unusual fashion week outfit is so glamorous

If we take a closer look at Dua Lipa’s fashion week look, we notice that there are quite a few fashion trends hidden in it: transparency, visible underwear, maxi length and trendy platform high heels. And although the jumpsuit-dress mix looks almost like something straight out of the lingerie department, the overall look is just downright awesome. And it proves what we all already knew: Superstar Dua Lipa can really wear anything – no matter how unusual it may be. Because it looks almost familiar (and even normal) on her. In addition, we are pretty sure that one or the other fashion fan is already looking for a similar variant for the next event. With Dua Lipa as style inspiration in mind.

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