Zendaya shows how we will (only) wear shirts in fall 2022

Although September has only just begun, we and our favorite fashion celebs are like zendaya already in the process of styling cool looks for fall. From transitional clothing to cuddly pieces, everything is currently included. Perfect for us, because there is enough outfit inspiration for the coming season. An absolutely ingenious combination (which works both in everyday life and – slightly modified – in the office) presents us zendaya, which puts a very special twist on shirts in autumn. We tell you everything about her look.

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Zendaya shows us how we only want to wear shirts in the fall

‘Euphoria’ star Zendaya was snapped looking pretty cool while shopping with her stylist Law Roach. With low-rise, straight-leg jeans, she wore a striped button-down shirt with only one button closed at the top. The rest of the clasps were left open and combined with the tailored blazer with metal detailing at the collar, created an exciting silhouette – complete with a well calculated skin flash. Thanks to this ingenious and simple styling twist, the look no longer seems stuffy, but extremely trendy, although it relies on classics such as the shirt and blazer. And with the combination of black sunglasses and matching boots, it becomes even cooler!

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Zendaya: Shirt styling for the office is that easy

Precisely because the Zendaya look is so simple and relies on pieces that always work, it is very easy to recreate. It is also ideal for everyday use – or even for office days. For the office, however, we recommend that you do without a bare midriff and instead wear a t-shirt, tank top or turtleneck shirt under the unbuttoned shirt. So you’re well dressed without sacrificing the fashionable styling detail and you don’t freeze on cooler autumn days. However, we are sure that we will see this styling twist for shirts more often in autumn 2022.

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