Heidi Klum is bringing this trend back in autumn 2022 – with a daring combination

Heidi Klum just got it: no matter what she wears, we can’t help but get excited about her looks every time. Now she’s bringing back a pattern for fall that’s been dormant for a couple of seasons. And when we look at her trendy combination, there is only one question: do we actually have a piece with a leopard print hanging in our closet? Heidi Klum In any case, it reminds us that it pays to keep old favorites and bring them out again depending on the season. We tell you how she will style the print in autumn 2022 and why we should also rely on it.

Heidi Klum does it and brings back the leopard print

There can be no question of restraint when you look at the eye-catching look of top model and “America’s Got Talent” judge Heidi Klum. Because she relies on an all-over look with a leopard pattern. From the matching accessories to the T-shirt and the pleated skirt, Heidi Klum manages to make her extravagant outfit look really cool and trendy. Maybe that’s also due to the print, which with its dark brown tones fits perfectly into autumn and makes the pattern (compared to other variants) appear less obtrusive.

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With this styling trick, Heidi Klum’s look becomes an eye-catcher

Another trick that makes her look so ingenious is probably the combination of different materials: Each piece has a different transparency and the midi skirt in particular picks up on the “naked trend” with its almost transparent fabric, of which neither the stars nor we can get enough Nevertheless, despite the see-through fabric, everything remains covered and with opaque tights and casual knee-high boots, Heidi Klum’s look can be made suitable for everyday use in no time at all.

Heidi Klum knows: Layers (looks) are THE game changer for autumn

With each of her looks, Heidi Klum also gives us a lesson on styling. Her outfits are ideal as inspiration when you’re standing in front of the closet at a loss. This happens quite often, especially in the transition period from autumn to summer. Therefore, we should all take an example from Heidi Klum, who relies on different layers for her eye-catching combination: transparent skirt and opaque (under) pants. This simple principle can really be applied to anything. It doesn’t matter whether it’s tops or bottoms and is perfect for wearing your favorite summer pieces into autumn.

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