Revenge dressing: My fashion style completely changed after my last breakup

Breakups can hurt like hell. Feelings get hurt, expectations dashed and hearts broken – we’ve all probably experienced one or the other end of a relationship and know how more or less painful the whole thing can be. Depends on what role and circumstances you find yourself in.

It’s been two years since my last breakup, and while I was the one who initiated the desire to go our separate ways, the process of coming to terms with it isn’t entirely complete. This may be mainly due to the fact that we were a couple for more than ten years. Phew, ten years, that was almost my entire twenties!

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When you start changing for your partner

First of all: I am still proud of this step, because it was neither easy nor quick to take. After that, however, I was able to really breathe again and be myself for the first time. In the relationship, compromises turned into adaptation and adaptation became an attempt to please – with a high price. I think it’s normal to adapt to one another to a certain extent, and it all happens in a rather subtle and not even conscious way. However, you should never lose sight of yourself. A little reminder for all of us!

Part of my customization was my clothing style. I’ve always worn something I somehow felt comfortable in at the time, but never what I really wanted. Fortunately, that changed after the breakup! Yes, breakups are painful, but also so liberating! And there is actually no better opportunity to do something good for yourself and to concentrate fully on yourself.

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Why Lady Di’s revenge dress is so helpful

What helps enormously: the certainty that you are not alone. There are countless people who have had similar experiences and from whom we can learn a trick or two. Every beginning is difficult, and how else are we supposed to know how best to find oneself?!

It can be helpful to take a look at friends, family or people with celebrity status. Yes, you read that right. If we let ourselves be influenced by Instagram and Co. all day anyway, then at least make the best of it. The whole gossip of stars and starlets can sometimes be really inspiring! The best example is the currently hotly debated and probably best-known celebrity case Lady Diana – triggered again by the start of season 5 of the popular series “The Crown”.

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