Blake Lively shares an ingenious fashion hack for pregnant women

In 2022, Rihanna lifted the taboos of maternity fashion and took it to a whole new level. And we think it’s great to see how many women have been influenced by it. But that’s not the end of it, either Blake Lively knows about the put-on struggles with a baby bump and has an extremely ingenious trick ready for everyone who feels the same way, with which you can be styled glamorously without having to buy anything new. Here are all the details.

Blake Lively: Her fashion hack for pregnant women is so simple and ingenious

Actress Blake Lively, who is currently pregnant with her fourth child, caused big aha moments and collective smiles on Instagram. Because what initially seemed like a fashion fail is her smart styling solution for wearing pieces that simply no longer fit one hundred percent due to the baby bump. Ryan Reynolds’ wife shared the following advice in her story: “If your skirt won’t zip up the back and your dress won’t button up, wear both.”


Blake Lively shows how easy it is to turn a fashion faux pas into a wow look

Said and done! Because Blake Lively thinks that two faux pas can also result in an outfit – in her case even a pretty brilliant one. And if you didn’t know that it came about quite by accident, no one would have noticed it for sure. Because her combination of a black skirt over which she wears an unbuttoned long dress with polka dots looks like a chic layered look. Especially because of the flowing fabrics of the two pieces, you could almost think that Blake Lively is wearing a maxi dress with fabric inserts. We are fans and think her fashion hack is pretty clever because it’s super easy to style.

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