Shop like the pros: These are the 7 best tips from the fashion experts

With the right preparation, shopping can become an absolute sense of achievement. Because who a few smart Pro Tips heeded, saves time and a bad mood. Good planning also prevents impulse shopping because it makes you much more aware of what you are doing. For example, you can easily integrate sustainable (i.e. well thought-out) consumption into your own (shopping) behavior. We have given you a little help with the best ones below Tips from the fashion experts compiled.

Shopping tip 1: The right outfit

Anyone planning an extended shopping marathon should choose a practical outfit that can be put on and taken off quickly. Blouses, lace-up shoes, skirts and tights and too much jewelry are best left at home for this occasion.

Shopping tip 2: The right styling

Styled for shopping? Why not! If you dress up a little, you not only feel more attractive and are in a better mood – you also like the fashion you try on better.

Shopping tip 3: Mannequins as inspiration

Help, sensory overload! In some shops you will almost be overwhelmed with fashion. The mannequins offer orientation and inspiration: they show the key looks and provide ideas on how to combine different pieces with each other.

Shopping tip 4: Always have a plan

Instead of the much-needed blazer, did you end up with the gorgeous high heels that you don’t really need because you almost never wear high heels? Typical rookie mistake! Shopping professionals make a plan before every shopping spree, note down exactly what they need and only look specifically for these products.

Shopping tip 5: Shop with cash

Credit card at the limit: A harmless shopping spree can sometimes end in a real shopping spree. It is therefore best for potential “fashion victims” to leave their debit and credit cards at home and set a fixed shopping budget in advance in the form of cash.

Shopping tip 6: Ask salespeople for advice

Especially in smaller shops and boutiques, shopping professionals rely on the help of the salespeople. They have the best overview of the range, know which parts look much better on than on the hanger and sometimes suggest pieces that you might have overlooked yourself.

Shopping tip 7: Relax and try on clothes at home

Long queues, narrow cubicles, poor lighting: if you want to save time and nerves, try your shopping yield at home instead of in a cramped changing room. This way you can combine the new pieces with your existing wardrobe and get a better sense of whether you really need the piece or not. Because: Exchanging is definitely less stressful than piling up dozens of bad buys in the closet.

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