Jennifer Coolidge: Her look-alike made the ABSOLUTE head-turner at Milan Fashion Week

The whole internet (and their mother) thought for a moment that actress Jennifer Coolidge (known as Stifler’s Mum) attended Diesel’s Fall/Winter 2023 fashion show. And that in an incredibly cool jeans outfit. However, as always, not everything is as it seems, and instead of the real ones Jennifer Coolidge British make-up artist Elliot Joseph Rentz presented us with a deceptively real transformation. You can read all about it below.

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Instead of Jennifer Coolidge, an almost identical double visits the Diesel Show

Elliot Joseph Rentz, better known as drag queen Alexis Stone, is known for turning into any celebrity – with deceptively real results. Amy Winehouse, Madonna or Leonardo DiCaprio, gender boundaries don’t matter, and with the staging power of fashion, Alexis, as a doppelganger, manages to deceive (almost) everyone with the risk of confusion. The comments on Instagram and Twitter speak for themselves: “How I almost thought it was Jennifer Coolidge…me fake fan,” according to the @Trapselena__ Twitter account. Real or imaginary, we’re definitely fans of the Jennifer Coolidge lookalike’s smashingly head-turning look dressed in one of THE top trends for 2023: denim.

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