Gigi Hadid relies on this simple styling principle in autumn

Slowly but surely we can get our favorite (cuddly) sweaters out of the depths of our closets, because the temperatures are getting autumnal. But as much as we love the comfortable tops, they quickly look like “a day on the couch”. But the solution is near, because Gigi Hadid has THE styling trick for us that makes every sweater look extremely fashionable, and we’ll tell you how it’s done!

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Gigi Hadid relies on this simple styling principle for sweaters

Gigi Hadid places the focus on comfort in her outfit and combines a light knit sweater with a polo collar with cargo pants. Both pieces are kept in different shades of green and therefore look reserved and very luxurious. But what makes her look so exciting for us is the targeted combination of a basic (here the pullover) with a trend piece – the cargo pants. This creates the perfect fashion balance, which can be summed up as fashionable-casual.

That’s why we should particularly focus on the styling principle à la Gigi Hadid in autumn

The ingenious thing about Gigi Hadid’s combination is the interplay of two components that each of us has hanging in our closet in one way or another. She also reminds us that basics are always the ideal basis for cool looks, such as eye-catching pieces like the corset top or naked dress. But if you style them with simple items of clothing such as a t-shirt, your favorite pair of jeans or, in Gigi Hadid’s case, a sweater, then many of the fashion trends can also be worn in everyday life. Especially in autumn, cool outfits with eye-catching details are created with the help of layering.

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