According to Zendaya, these boots make every dress fall-ready

From actress and singer zendaya we can really learn a lot this season. Because she keeps presenting us with new cool twists and possible combinations with which we can upgrade our autumn wardrobe. This time it’s about the topic of clothes, more precisely about the right shoe that makes them the ideal companion for autumn days. Also which model zendaya in her outfit, we’ll tell you here.

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Zendaya wears chunky boots with the dress

Especially in autumn, it’s not just about the right clothes, but much more about the choice of shoes. From golden autumn to rainy days, everything is there in these months. Chunky shoes that work in any weather and give all looks a casual look ensure a safe step. Zendaya also takes advantage of this, combining her chunky model in black with a chic dress with a slit on the side. Their model, which reaches almost below the knee, is a bit reminiscent of rubber boots and can almost pass as a “space cowboy” shoe thanks to the thick sole and the square toe.

Basically, we are absolute fans of Zendaya’s simple but expressive looks, because she manages to get the maximum style factor out of every simple piece. Which proves that it doesn’t always have to be the latest trend piece and that with the choice of the right shoes or accessories, any outfit can be transformed into an eye-catcher. Style breaks that combine items of clothing that don’t go together at first glance are particularly suitable for this. But let me tell you: chunky boots with dresses always make an unbeatable team.

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