H&M Studio: The new spring collection is guaranteed to sell out fast – that’s why it’s so desirable

Pure drama! The new one can be better H&M studio collection for Spring 2023 hardly summarize. It brings us both everyday and evening pieces, all of which always have that twist, that certain something that adds that extra portion of drama to the look. But don’t worry: These twists are stylistically so sensitively implemented that the collection also contains pieces for minimalists – and for maximalists anyway. It doesn’t matter which of the two you classify yourself as: We like what we see – and we already know pretty well which pieces are at the top of our shopping lists.

H&M-Studio-Spring-2023: This is what you can expect from the collection


Sure, everything in the look book is styled very eccentrically, but that shouldn’t deter anyone who has a different fashion style: Die H&M Studio Spring 2023 Collection is one successful mixture of extravagant and casual. The capsule contains both extremely fashionable highlights, such as a pink sweat jacket with a corset insert, flashy prints or a bustier denim dress, as well as a loosely cut suit, a classic trench coat or a biker jacket. And evening pieces are also represented in the form of party dresses. And that’s why we’re so excited! Because this wealth of variants allows you to create exciting and versatile outfits.

Another plus point: the collection was made from sustainably sourced materials. In other words, the pieces are made from organic cotton, recycled polyester, chrome-free leather and Naia™ Renew, a circular fiber made from 60 percent sustainably obtained cellulose and 40 percent from certified recycled waste materials.


H&M Studio Spring 2023: sales date and prices

The 40 pieces of clothing and accessories will be available from March 2, 2023 on hm.com and in selected stores. Since we’re pretty sure that the pieces will sell out extremely quickly (fashion professionals have already marked the date in red in their calendars!), it’s definitely worth being quick. Incidentally, accessories from the H&M Studio Spring 2023 collection are available from 35 euros. The most expensive part is the opulent black evening dress shown in the picture above for 599 euros. But don’t worry: a lot of trend pieces from the H&M Studio Spring 2023 collection cost under 100 euros or just a little more.

H&M Studio Spring 2023: These trend pieces are already on our shopping list


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