Leni Klum shows herself in a stunning partner look with Mama Heidi Klum at New York Fashion Week

Leni Klum not only follows in the footsteps of her mom Heidi Klum in terms of career, but also fashionably. One of the most beautiful examples of the mother-daughter bond is Leni Klums Prom dress that was a tribute to Heidi Klum. The duo will now be appearing at an event during New York Fashion Week on September 9, 2022 partner look and the fans are excited! We’ll tell you all the details about the outfits of Leni Klum and Heidi Klum.

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Leni Klum wears a partner look with Mama Heidi and looks confusingly similar to her

Both Leni ​​and Heidi Klum are fashion inspiration for many fashion enthusiasts. So it’s all the nicer when they appear in a double pack and coordinate their looks perfectly. Leni Klum shows what it looks like in a post on her Instagram profile, where she can be seen with Mama Heidi in matching leather tops. “A perfect match”, one might think, but appearances are deceptive. If you look at the whole outfit, Leni Klum and her mother wear dresses in a similar, rocking style, but they also differ in one important detail.

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The looks of Leni Klum and Heidi are so perfectly matched

While Heidi Klum relies on an all-over leather look with a geometric décolleté by designer Rick Owens, her daughter is more playful. She opted for a dress consisting of a leather top and a glamorous skirt with leopard print embroidery. Leni Klum wore matching gloves. Her outfit is from the Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli. So the similarities are clear, but it is precisely the different combination of the mother-daughter duo that makes the partner look so strong. So it’s no wonder that the fans of the two are so enthusiastic about the outfits and we can’t help but say: Is there anything nicer than a successful fashion match?

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